Thematic portals

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"Thematic portals are e -learning content aggregators. They allow the employee to find all the resources that will be of interest which are organized on a dedicated website."




Targeted Multi resources portals

These portals are intended for managers and executives who want to quickly understand what is being said / done on a specific subject.

They allow the learner to make a summary, on a given theme, based on a selection of aggregated SkillSoft resources.

  • 2 possible durations of training plans by theme : 20 ' (Short track) or 2H (Fast Track)

  • Each theme is divided into learning resources for a period of 1 to 15 minutes

  • Part of these resources can be downloaded and viewed on mobile devices ( Pda / Tablet / Smartphone)

Examples of themes:


Thematic portals skills: « Knowledge centers »


« Knowledge centers » are portals for all collaborators who would like to stay informed or develop their skills on a specific topic. They contain all SkillSoft content/resources pertaining to a specific job or area of expertise.

Knowledge centers are updated based on SkillSoft new developments: conferences, new publications, and new e -learning content.

So it is a mix between a dedicated website and an e-learning platform.

As part of a project, resource selection can be personalised for your organisation.

Some of these resources can be downloaded and viewed on mobile devices (Pda / Tablet / Smartphone).


Examples of Knowledge Centre: