Our technical support team will be glad to help you solve any issues you may encounter when connecting to your training sessions online.

How does it work?

It's very simple, you just need to contact the technical support by phone, email or chat and communicate the logins which will appear once you have downloaded the program below:

Download the version for Windows

Download the version for Apple MAC OS

Download the version for Linux

Is it secured?

The technical team of LEARNPERFECT uses a very reliable software solution to help you remotely.

The connection between your computer and the computers of our technical team goes through completely secured data channels with RSA 2048 bits key exchange and AES 256 bit session encoding.

Throughout our team’s intervention, you are in control of your computer and you can follow on your computer’s screen the manipulations of our technical support and you can interrupt the session at any time..

Once you have closed the previously downloaded software, our technical team has no access to your computer..