LearnPro™ – Foreign languages

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"To meet immediate training needs, LearnPerfect created LearnPro ™: fully packaged solutions, available online, including a set of associated services and benefits."



  • Packaged offers: Training plans of 20H or 30H
  • All inclusive pricing
  • Personalised distance trainings
  • No minimum order - No obligation
  • A Premium option for your demanding collaborators


Services LearnPro™ LearnPro™ Premium
Initial and final evaluations (CECRL Scale and TOEIC)    
Individual training course management    
Administrative follow ups: convention, PIF,certificate...    
Provision of a Trainee Extranet    
Availability of White Papers (course material)    
Provision of Homeworks (exercises between sessions)    
Extended training hours (from 6am to 8pm + personalised schedules possibles)    
Possibility to postpone a course until 6 H before training    
Using specific professional documents    
Correction of professional emails (2 per week)    
Access to three months LearnPass ™ ( conversational classes)    
Call for occasional coaching needs    
Video recording of the session is possible (optional)    


Languages offered :

         English             |    French   |   German   |   Italian   |   Spanish