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17 March, 2015

Online and distant training exhibition

Learnperfect will participate in the Elearning exhibition, which will be held at Porte de Versailles from 24 to 26 March 2015.

Stéphane Molinaro, the CEO, will lead a conference on March 24 at 14.45 on the theme of :

"The use of virtual classrooms (web conferencing) in Digital Learning strategies, key drivers and success factors of pedagogical methods remotely synchronized. »

Here is an overview: Digital training is increasingly multimodal but is mainly based on face to face sequences and associated e-learning resources. These two methods are and remain today combined mainly on a temporary plan (before, during and after); they provide only relative pedagogical development and do not guarantee an optimal pedagogical ROI.

At LearnPerfect we believe that one of the major keysto a successful Digital Learning project lies in the nature of events and synchronous pedagogical interactions established with the various project stakeholders (learners, trainers, tutors, referent ...) and that during all the deployment phases. For this purpose, virtual classrooms used wisely and in the right format facilitate, improve, contribute and sustainably enhance the effectiveness of training activities while enabling the optimization of time and budgets regardless of the geographic location of your learners.

LearnPerfect will explain the various pedagogical uses (visio –assessment, webminar , video- training, video- tutorials , video- coaching, ... . ) , the benefits of these modalities  and the implementation of the latteras a substitution and / or to strengthen existing teaching methods.

For this, we will explain:

  • The key to success from the following aspects:pedagogical, technical, organizational / logistics, but also through internal change management and the training of the pedagogical team)
  • Some key business customers, who have decided to integrate virtual classroom in their digital pedagogical methods.

Stéphane Molinaro will participate as a speaker at a workshop led by Philippe Gil and Philippe Lacroix, associate directors of IL & DI which is dedicated to:

"How to develop the link between distance learning and face to face training so as to deploy a powerful Blended Learning package ?

The questions that arise:

How to establish a real complementarity between digital tools, simulation and conventional training tools?

  • Integrate e-Learning in the whole training process: what synergies among face to face, blended learning, simulation, collaborative learning.
  • The transformation of knowledge to skills by a tutor / instructor
  • How to integrate the social and collaborative dimension to your method to facilitate exchanges?

To register for the workshop of your choice: Registration