Digital Learning Day

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12 May, 2015

Learnperfect partner of Digital Learning Day
Learnperfect will participate in the Digital Learning day the 23rd June, an exclusive event dedicated to digital training.

This learning day hosted by the best experts, will be an opportunity to assess the situation and understand the stakes, the practices and the unavoidable impacts of the Digital in the training field.

Stéphane MOLINARO, co-founder and CEO of LearnPerfect will host the "battle" around the theme of "The Virtual Classroom:from confidentiality to an explosion "?

23rd and 24th of June 2015 in Paris

Agenda of the conference of 23rd June
from 09:00 a.m to 06:00 p.m

ACT 1 : How to address and achieve digital transformation in the training field?
From individuals to methods.

1. The digital society pushes us to reinvent our economic, organizational and relational models, to rethink our relationship with information and consequently to knowledge.
2. Digital Learning Strategy of CréditAgricole. When the corporateuniversity of a large banking group updates its training practices in a changing professional world.
3. "Is the lack of digital skills a new form of illiteracy?” as suggested by NeelieKroes , former Vice President of the European Commission . Reinforcing the culture of individual and collective digital literacy: is it an absolute necessity? Are there modalities to be invented?

ACT 2 : How can digital team up with neurosciences to revisit our learning processes?

4. The brain in the digital era: what is the impact on learning? What lessons can be learned for training?
5. Connectivism: cause or consequence of digital and social networking?
6. Alternative learning made possible by digital technology. Principles and Implementation

ACT 3 : Reforming structures, forging new practices.

7. What is the future for the trainer in a global digital context?
8. Adapting the design and production methods of pedagogical resources in the digital context.
9. The video: The top media for the "Touch -Screen Generation"

ACT 4 : Operating and mastering new training ecosystems.

10. & 11. The myths and realities of Digital Learning: between buzz and information overload on these themes, it is time to do an update

— BATTLES- with our Experts:

Battle 1:

  • Social Networks training, does it really work?
  • The virtual classroom, from confidentiality to an explosion?
  • Crowdlearning and Mooc : top or flop ?

Battle 2: Does Digital Learning need?

  • Standards: Scorm 1.2, 2004, Tin Can
  • gamedynamics: du badge à la competence
  • a reform of professional training

12. New learning eco- systems: how to create and manage them effectively?